- Is this you’re/you/your/yours computer?

- No, it’s a Ms Green/of Ms Green/Ms Green’s/to Ms Greens.

- She is this woman/that woman/this women/that women there.

- Is she England/English/an English/a English?

- Yes, but her computer it/it’s/is/its American.

My husband like/likes/is liking playing bridge. She/He/It is very good for/at/in/of mathematics and its/his/her/he’s knowledge of psychology be/is/are/was/were great too.

- How usually/rarely/seldom/often do you go to the hairdresser’s with a new hairstyle in head/mind/hand/eye?

- Frankly, less than you think. With today’s computer software you can choose from/for/of over 200 hairstyles in a some/lot/few/little minutes and see how they look on you.

- We saved/checked/booked our holiday a month ago.

- Really? That’s great news!

- Yes, it/its/there is. We haven’t travelled anywhere by/for/since three years.

- I don’t fancy going out. I’d rather stay/staying/to stay in.

- OK, I don’t mind to eat/eat/eating at home.

She is working/works/has been working in our company since 2001.

Sheila is a very diligent employ/employee/employer.

Everyone is/was/had always given a lot of tasks but she is the most laziest/superficial/efficient/absent-minded.

Her/She’s/She/Hers attitude is positive and she is/has/was very determined.

- Where does he come/get/is from, -/a/the Ireland?

No, from -/a/the United States.

He works as a traffic assistant/warden/director, is/isn’t/does/doesn’t he?

My brother use to be/used to be/was used to be very fat and the doctor advised him to take in/on/up some sports.

The trekkers walked/were walked/were walking along a mountain path when somebody screamed loudly/low/lower. The scream sounded/was sounding/was being sounded horrible/horrify/horribly.

- There’s an interesting programme on Channel 3 at the moment – it’s a thriller/documentary/performance about marine life. Could you please turn up/on/out the volume?

- But I’d like to listen about/to/over the news. Could you please turn off/over/in to another channel?

- I’ve just passed my driving test.

- Well done/Get well soon/Good luck!

- There is something bad/false/wrong with this calculator.

- What/Which/Why is the problem exactly?

- Sorry, but I can/can’t/will help you, I could/must/had to leave now.

- Who’s the player who is being/is/should have interviewed over there?

- Kevin Smith, he came from the USA last month. I’m afraid he won’t be able to come to football practice because he has headed/pulled/twisted his ankle.

- I’ve got -/a/an/the sore throat.

- Why don’t you go/see/meet a doctor?

- Have you seen/Did you see/Were you seeing Mrs Oak recently?

- She’s an old friend, I ’ve known/know/knewn her for/about/since years but...

Mother: My daughter has toothache.

Doctor: Have you been eating/Have you eaten/Has she been eating sweets?

Mr Black: Excuse me? Could you give/hang/pass/put me the salt, please?

Mrs White: Do you mind?/Please!/Here you are.

I am reading/read/have read/have been reading ”The Lord of the Flies” for some time.

I am reading/was reading/have read/have been reading ten chapters so far.

I’m not sure if this book is the right present for Angela.

A doll might/might not/ought/must not be the perfect present for her.

It’s a quarter to nine, we have to hurry, the train has left/leaves/will leave at 21.25, so we have only 10/30/40 minutes to get there.

Jack ran into/out of/over a friend of his on his way to work.

He usually rides/travels/takes the train to work.

Tom and Jane decided to break up/down/off their engagement.

This time tomorrow, Tom fly/will fly/will be flying to Rome.

My family is/will/would thinking of moving to Helsinki.

Andrew come/comes/is coming to see you this week.

If I will see/see/saw Sue, I am/will be/was happy to tell her all the truth.

She has asked that before, has she/didn’t she/hasn’t she?

Could you tell me where the post office is/is the post office/will the post office be?

When has/have/was/were these cakes baked? These seem/seems/seemed to be old.

Oh, that’s our neighbour! Did you realise/recognise/registrate her? She’s got a new haircut!

You don’t know anything! Has you prepared/Have you prepared/Had you prepared at all?

The coffee is tasting/tastes/will taste awful.

The new student always turns in/out/up late for our classes.

It’s very hot here. Do you care/mind/want opening the window?

Due to the mist at the airport all the flights cancelled/have been cancelled/had cancelled.

She/We/Us were not given any tasks last week.

The flowers should be planted/should plant/was planted in spring.

His hair had/was/were dirty and smelt bad/badly/poorly.

My friend gave/had given/was given a prize for his determined work with disabled children.