X: Hello, Tom. Who are/How is/How are you today?

Z: I’m/Am/Am I fine. And you?

X: Very much/best/well, thank you.

Z: When is/Where is/Where are your father today?

X: On/At/In Dublin.

Cathy: What you are/is you/are you doing?

Tom: I reading/I’m reading/I read a book.

Tom: You read/Are you read/Do you read many books?

Cathy: No, I no like/don’t like/like not books, but I like like watching films.

Tom: Yes, I like it/them/him, too.

- There are much/a lots of/a lot of books on the table.

- Can I/Do I/I can use them?

- Do you like listening to a/-/the radio?

- Yes, I am/do/can.

X: Which/What/How is your phone number?

Z: It isn’t/hasn’t/wasn’t changed.

X: This is the warmest/warmer/the most warmest autumn in twenty three years.

Z: I will not/cannot/did not believe it.

X: There’s/It is/Is a park next to my home.

Z: Let’s meet there on/at/in 4 o’clock on the/in the/at afternoon.

X: Do you know Mary Smith?

Z: Yes, but she isn’t go/goes not/doesn’t go to university with me. She walks in/works on/works in a big shop.

X: Where is it?

Z: It’s between/near/at my house.

X: Mary lives in the same street that/like/as me.

Z: Do you see her at weekends?

X: Yes, at/in/this Saturday we go to/are going to/are going play tennis.

Who open/opened/did opened the window?

Sorry, I didn’t to think/think/thinking you were at home.

What time did you arrive at/to/- home?

X: When you do/do you/do you do your homework?

Z: I usually go to bed/to the bed/in bed early and do it there.

X: I never read/read never/am never reading in bed but I listen on/listen to/hear to the radio.

Z: I do my homework in the morning. I get up on/get up at/go up at six o’clock and do it then.

X: What is your lecturer like/likes/liking?

Z: Our lecturer is a tall man of long hair/with long hairs/with long hair. We like him very good/very much/very well. He comes from/comes of/is coming from Tartu.

X: Are there a lot of students in your group?

Z: Yes, but the room is big enough. It`s so big as/as big that/as big as this room.